What is Sem and Ally Adventures?

Sem and Ally Adventures is a book series follows the story of a young woman, Ally, and her adventures across time with her new friend, and Guardian of Worlds, Sem. Together, they travel from world to world, running into many exciting and historical characters, as well as face endless dangers around every corner of the past and future. All the while searching for people who have ended up in the wrong place and time period.  Sem and Ally Adventures is a new fantastic, creative, original story filled with excitement, imagination, and romance through its many lovable characters.

What Readers Are Saying About Sem and Ally Adventures

“I adored this story. I quickly became immersed in the pages and always had trouble setting it down. I cried at least five times, two of those moments was gross sobbing in a public place.

I thoroughly blame the author for my humiliation. I fell in love with this universe and these characters the author created and I can’t wait to read more!”

“I cannot wait until the next in the series! I ended up purchasing this book for two family members as well. I won’t give up my copy!”

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