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What is Sem and Ally Adventures?

Sem and Ally Adventures is a time travel fantasy series following the story of a young woman named Ally and her adventures across time with her new friend, and Guardian of Worlds, Sem.

Together, they travel from world to world, running into many exciting and historical characters, as well as facing endless dangers and troubles around every corner of the past and future. All the while searching for people who have ended up in the wrong place and time period. Sem and Ally Adventures is a fantastic, creative, original story filled with excitement, imagination, and romance, with a much bigger story to be uncovered through every page.


Where can I buy Sem and Ally Adventures?

Right here on Amazon! Buy Sem: Adventures Across Time


How old do you have to be to read Sem and Ally Adventures?

Despite some foul language, smoking, and drinking, Sem and Ally Adventures is perfect for anyone ages 13 and up.


How many books are in the series?

As of 2017, there is one book in the series, Sem: Adventures Across Time, which is divided into two parts; a Part One and a Part Two.

However, the series is planned to have nine books total, with a few short stories here and there posted on this site, or published and purchased at special events.