We know you came here for the adventure, but I bet your wondering who is Sem and Ally Adventures author, T.S. Wieland?

Born, raised, and now living in Colorado, T.S. is a rising author ready to see new horizons, and discover places never conceived by the human imagination before, taking his readers along with him on the journey. Having graduated from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs with a Bachelors Degree in Visual and Preforming Arts, T.S. spends most of his time doing what he does best; writing new stories for the world. That, and spending quality time with the people who helped inspire Sem and Ally Adventures, his friends and family.

After nine years of writing and studying both art, theater, and music, the world was finally introduced to the story he had been working on for nearly six years, Sem: Adventures Across Time, with the hopes of sharing many more incredible adventures.