December Update – Sem Audio Book (Still Aiming For January)

As the project pushes ever closer to it’s January deadline, I’d like to personally take the time to thank everyone who’s been checking in on the project and offered their support. I cannot express how amazing it is to hear the hard work, love, and passion being expressed through every performance and audition I’ve heard so far. It is seriously one of the most magical experiences, worth writing in its own book.

I’ve had 1,000 auditions for the project come through my ears, and I wish everyday I could give them all their very own character in the Sem and Ally trilogy. Even with the project far from over, I still wish I could fit them all in.

So, with the holidays now among us, I wanna once more thank everyone. You guys are brilliant and make this long journey worth every step. There’s still a long road ahead, but with supporters and characters such as yourselves there along the way, I couldn’t turn back even if I wanted to.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Best Wishes From Your Number One Fan,

TS Wieland