Divide and Conquer

(New 2nd Two Part Edition!)

As some of you may know, Sem: Adventures Across Time is only the first book in a much LARGER series, with only one current edition. As such, we are currently in the process of cutting the book into two individual books (Sem: Adventures Across Time Part 1, and Sem: Adventures Across Time Part 2) as part of the upcoming 2nd edition release. This new edition will still contain the same first book, just made into smaller parts with larger font, will include some small additions to the story, and contain corrections to all of the mistakes that made it through in the first edition, in the hopes of helping our readers enjoy the series better and not feel so overwhelmed by the daunting word count and rather small font size.

HOWEVER!, our readers can still purchase the first edition, original, full copy on Amazon for a LIMITED TIME ONLY before it will be replaced by a larger second edition complete copy that will included parts one and two together as the story originally was meant to be. To go along with this new exciting edition of the Sem: Adventures Across Time, part 1 and 2 will also include new special covers, as a way of celebrating the beginning of the series!

With that latest news, keep your eyes out on Amazon for this new two part edition of the series, and keep your gaze turned towards the heavens. Thanks for reading!

Now go make your own history,

~ T.S.