July 2018 Updates – Sem Audible, Orlinia Release, and New Patreon

A lot has been going on this passed month. Everything from starting new projects, and getting ready to finish up new ones. There’s news on the latest new TS Wieland book, Pursuit of Orlinia, and news on the new audio book project for Sem and Ally Adventures.


Pursuit of Orlinia News 

Pursuit of Orlinia is still on track to be released this Fall, 2018, with a closed release happening this September to those special few who are just dying to read it. We’ve moved onto our next phase of line editing, having finished up our run through of content editing, then we’ll be moving on to final copy editing before formatting and printing can begin. I’ve heard a lot of great feed back and wonderful compliments from those who have helped with the beta readings, so I’m really excited for the release.

NEW Sem Audible Project 

Work has already begun on converting the second edition of Sem: Adventures Across Time, both parts one and two, into a full blown audio book and new third edition release. The audio book will feature a full voice cast, sound effects, and of course a narrator. The voice actors for SemAlly, and Otto have officially been chosen, and I’m excited for you to hear them. A trailer for the audible will be released prior to the first chapter, so look out for some new and exciting stuff. The project will begin production starting next month, and the first chapter will be released starting next year along with the new third edition version of the two books. All the chapters will be released over the next few months, with options for early access through my new Patreon page, which leads me into our next update.

NEW Patreon Page 

To help fund future audible projects, we’ve created a Patreon page to not only help bring these books into the modern age of storytelling, but to also help support other aspiring actors, writers, and artists have their creative be shown. With even a $1 donation a month, you’ll gain early access to the Sem Audible chapters as they are released freely online. So, if you’re a fan of my books, show your support and help other creative and talented people in the process. Right now, there are no benefits until the first chapter release starting next year, but I and I know my fellow creative friends would be forever thankful.

Link: TS Wieland Patreon

Other than all that, that’s the latest update. I apologize for the LONG delay on the next Sem and Ally novel, but we prefer to make sure the first novel is at least somewhat ready for it’s epic sequel. As a gift for those who have been waiting so long, I am arranging a “special” surprise to go along with the final chapter of the audible marking it’s release.

Thanks everyone!

May love and dreams find you with warm winds.

~ TS