New Chapter One!

Sem and Ally Adventures is about one thing; adventure. Moments of danger, suspense, excitement, and drama all throughout human history and into the future. So, why is it Sem: Adventures Across Time starts… slow? We catch our hero in the midst of a moment of adventure, with danger most certainly, but Sem and Ally adventures is about excitement too. So, in order to address this difference for some readers who are dying for a good bit of action within the first page, a new version of the story has been written. The rest of the book will remain all the same, but the beginning chapter will no longer be about our hero amidst the grand climax of the story.

Instead, we will get to see our lone Guardian of worlds on one of his many rescues, barley keeping his head above water as he ventures through the city of Venice in 1534. The new chapter will be contain thrills, chases, escapes, fights, clues to the stories greater picture, and introduce new readers to our courages and anti-social hero and what it is the series is all about in a new, fun, and more exciting way.

The previous chapter one will still remain relevant to the story, only more content will be added in regards to the story as whole and its introduction. Big thanks to all the fans of the series, and I look forward to sharing many MANY more adventures across time with you all.