We’ve Changed The World…

We’ve done more than just create entertainment for audiobook listeners around the world today; we’ve done what it is most books have only dreamt to achieve. We shot for the moon and landed among the stars.

Today, we received word that the prestigious French acting school, Académie du Théâtre de L’Union, has changed. Why? Because of us. Starting next year, the prestigious French acting school will begin offering voice acting as a course, and the professional theater and arts community in France will start taking voice acting more seriously on an international level. Starting next year, the school will begin courses, led by none other than our own actor and the voice of Chris Matour, Luc de Villars, allowing 18 students to follow their dreams. The school will also soon begin production of their very own film style audiobooks in a new art movement, destined to reshape the way readers enjoy stories. Through our hard work, both artists and actors, and all our fans, we’ve managed to change part of a country which is known many times throughout history as being opposed to change. Few writers, artists, and actors can say they’ve accomplished such a task; some of which being famous painters like Monet and Manet, along with their fellow impressionists. 

Sem and Ally represents opening the eyes of the world. It’s about seeing through the eyes of others and learning to respect one another to help create the world we all hope to live in. One where we listen more and argue less. And today, our story has done just that. And it’s all thanks to you, our fans.  

So, here’s to adding our names to the list of those who have helped change the world, and may we continue to change the world through our hard work in the coming future. Today, we’ve done what Sem and Ally is all about; we’ve made our own history.